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 by Jim Doty

Sunset at While Sands New Mexico. Photo copyright Jim Doty, Jr.

Sunset at White Sands New Mexico

Welcome to 400 pages of photographs and photo information. Explore nature, people, digital photography and more.

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A sampling of some of the articles at this site and my blog:

My new, "how-to" photography book:
Digital Photography Exposure for Dummies

Sunset, White Sands NM , bracketing focus with a hyperfocal distance chart

DaiQing Tana Backstage

Digitally removing clutter from the background of a photo

Skyblue Penstemon in the Rain, Colorado

Elk, Fall River Road

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The best digital point and shoot cameras - 2009

The best digital SLRs - 2009

The Best of the Best - 2009 - tripods, tripod heads, digital photo storage, memory cards, books, DSLR, digital point and shoot cameras, and more

Christmas Gifts for Photographers - 2009

Memory Cards Part 1: The Best way to Use Memory Cards to Avoid Lost Images

Memory Cards Part 2: Lost Photos

Mt. Rainier NP, Washington

Ruby Beach, Olympic NP, Washington

A different take on Depth of Field

Optimizing Digital Camera Files

Autostitch - free panorama stitching software

Canon 5D Camera Settings:
Menu Settings, Custom Functions,
Top Deck Controls

Digital Image Storage

Image Editing Software

Tripods and Heads

Canon 20D Color Infrared Photography

Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens

Infrared with the Canon 20D and 10D

Canon 20D vs 5D

Trusted Sources for photo equipment information

Focal Length in Lenses with D-SLR and 35mm illustrations

Canon 20D Camera Settings:
Menu Settings, Custom Functions,
Top Deck Controls

Field of View (FOV) Crop in Digital SLRs

Depth of Field for Digital SLRs

Hyperfocal Distance Chart for Digital SLRs


Some photographs at this site are available
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Updated May 31, 2011

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