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Winter at Upper Tahquamenon Falls
Jim Doty, Jr.

Upper Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan

Upper Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan U.P.

Upper Tahquamenon Falls (often abbreviated TAHQ) is an impressive site any time of year. At 200 feet wide, with a 50 foot drop, and a flow of up to 50,000 gallons of water per second, Upper TAHQ Falls is one of the largest falls east of the Mississippi. The unique amber color of the water is due to tannin leached from the spruce, cedar, and hemlock swamps that are drained by the river. Lower TAHQ Falls is a collection of smaller falls that have their own charm. Be sure to visit both.

The falls are in TAHQ Falls State Park in Michigan's Upper Peninsula (U.P.). To get to both the upper and lower falls, go west of Paradise, Michigan on M-123. The park is a very popular and busy place spring through fall with a fair number of visitors in the winter. I was at the falls a week ago (end of February) and a steady stream  of visitors were there who had arrived by car, truck, or snowmobile. There are hiking trails throughout the area and groomed snowmobile trails in the winter. It is a beautiful place and well worth the trip. I have an Autumn photo of the upper falls here.

If you haven't been to the U.P. before, you will notice all the signs for "pasties" (the "a" sounds like "past", not "paste"). Pasties are like runzas (well known in Nebraska) only more rounded, or like a pot pie without the pot. Stop and try one at the Berry Patch Restaurant in Paradise.

Upper Tahquamenon Falls, Gorge, and River, Michigan

Upper Tahquamenon Falls, Tahquamenon Gorge, and the ice and snow covered Tahquamenon River. Michigan U.P.

March 7, 2006

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