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MT. SNEFFELS, Sneffels Range
 Dallas Divide Highway
San Juan Mountains, COLORADO

Mt. Sneffels
Southwestern Colorado

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Mt. Sneffels is one of the most photographed mountains in Colorado, especially in the fall. Do a search for Mt. Sneffels in your favorite search engine and see what pops up. Bob (my brother-in-law and photo partner) and I were on Dallas Divide (Colorado 62) when we came across this scene one morning. It is a stunning place. We took a few photos, despite the cloudy day and decided we would come back again hoping for better light.

We headed south of Ouray on the Million Dollar Highway (US 550) to take more photos and ended up back in Ouray for lunch and to buy some film. I saw a postcard on the rack taken at "Our Place." We headed out for the afternoon and came back to Ouray after dark.

We stopped at the local theater to see Spirit of the San Juans, a digital movie featuring the stunning photography of Ouray based photographer, Kathleen Norris Cook. We watched one great scene after another, and to our surprise, THERE WAS "OUR PLACE." except she had photographed it in much better light than we had early that morning.

The next morning, we were back before at sunrise at "our place." It was not long before other photographers showed up. One more vehicle pulled up and out stepped Kathleen Norris Cook.  What a great surprise! Trying not to disturb her while she worked, we introduced ourselves, told her how much we liked the movie and visited a bit.

As the clouds came and went and the light changed, we looked like a miniature press corps, lined up on the highway capturing the scene before us.

I have since found photos by a number of photographers taken with the same farm in the foreground. "Our place" happens to be a very popular spot for a lot of folks. It is a classic spot, just like the Snake River overlook for the Grand Tetons in Wyoming.

Another photographer that was with us that morning sent an e-mail to tell us that John Fielder showed up at the same place the following morning. John Fielder does some wonderful photography, much of it in Colorado.

To find this place, start from the intersection of CO 62 and US 550 in Ridgway, Colorado. Drive 6 miles west on CO 62. The farm will be on the south side of the road.

A larger version

Kathleen Norris Cook is on the right with a Fuji 617 panoramic medium format camera. I am on the left shooting 35 mm cameras. Another photographer is visible in the background shooting with a medium format camera.

One of Bob's photos of Mt. Sneffels is in the Digital section of this site. Kathleen Norris Cook and John Fielder both have web sites which you can find from my LINKS page.

January 29, 2003

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